A chaord with the Eye-In-Pyramid in its center

Polemicizing: to write or deliver an argument; engage in disputation or controversy

No on proposition 1C.

Surveillance, Obama, McCain, and why I'm voting for Nader in '08.

To those who may disappear.

An example of the problem with closed source voting machines: a sample vote-counting program (or, rather, two of them - one of these programs has a backdoor in it; the other does not. Can you tell which one?)

Endorsements for the November 2nd, 2004 election (Specifically, for US / California / San Francisco.)
On the CDC draft HIV/AIDS prevention regulations (2004)

On the War On Drugs (from a public health focus first)

Open letter to the San Francisco board of supervisors opposing a (January, 2005) proposal for identity checks at video arcades.

Cryogenic suspension form: the things the commercial companies' contracts don't mention. Of course, I don't have a suspension facility, so this form merely serves as an example.

Useful reference materials:
Thomas - The Library of Congress' legislative information database. Searchable.
Sfgov.org - San Francisco government.