Software I've worked on

Games (non-H)

All of these run in x86 Linux, MacOS X 10.4+, and Windows.

Long Live The Queen

When her mother dies, fourteen year old Princess Elodie finds herself thrust onto the throne of Nova. But she's not anything even resembling ready to rule, and everyone else wants to take her power for themselves...

Can you survive until Elodie's coronation?

Download Demo: Linux | MacOS X | Windows

Buy full game: Linux | MacOS X | Windows

Magical Diary is that fanfiction-riffing magical school dating sim you've always wanted.

Download demo (41MB): Linux | MacOS X | Windows

Buy full game through BMT Micro: Linux | MacOS X | Windows
Or through Steam

helpful, isn't he? (Date Warp screenshot)

Date Warp is an otome science fiction romance/mystery.

Download Demo (45MB): Linux | MacOS X | Windows

Buy full game: Linux | Windows | MacOS X

[Combat thumbnail]
Guide a team of schoolgirls as they try to stop an alien invasion in my RPG, Science Girls!

Download Demo for: Linux | MacOS X | Windows

Buy the full version: Linux | Windows | MacOS X

Cute Knight Kingdom is a multi-ending raising sim/RPG I helped port for Hanako Games.

Download demo: Linux | MacOS X | Windows

Buy the full game: Linux | MacOS X | Windows

[Cute Knight screenshot] While I didn't write the original Cute Knight Deluxe, I did code the Linux/MacOS port.

Download demo: Linux, Mac, Windows 2000+.

Buy full game: Linux, MacOS X, Windows 2000+.

Summer Session is a lighthearted multi-ending dating sim that I coded for Tycoon and Hanako in Ren'Py.

Download demo for: Linux x86, MacOS X 10.4 +, and Windows.

Buy: Linux | Windows | MacOS X

Erogames and kinetic novels

Written in Ren'Py, compatible with Windows, Linux/x86, Linux/AMD64, and MacOS X 10.4 or higher. Oh, and they're hentai.

Tentacularity is a tentacle sex puzzle game that should be familiar to anyone who's played various pipe games before.

Commercial, with a free demo of the first few levels.

YaoiTentacularity is another tentacle sex pipe puzzle game. With naked boys.

Commercial, with a free demo of the first few levels.

Catgirl Training screenshotCatgirl Training is a lighthearted hentai kinetic novel featuring the Professor and his naughty cat-slave Oneko-chan. A project for my friends at HentaiSenshi; commercial, with a free demo. Yuri no Yume (literally 'Lily Dreams') is a romance between two girls caught up in dark mysteries. Chapter 1 is now available for free download; Chapter 2 is available for purchase through HentaiSenshi.

CGIs and web toys

Asciify is a webtoy that converts annoying curly quotes into proper straight quotes, so they can be pasted into ASCII-only channels. If anyone wants their own copy, it'll be made available under the WTFPL.

Addendát is a blogging program, including automated spam filtration and comment/entry editing and deletion. It does not require a database to be installed. Written in perl for Linux, also reported to be compatible with FreeBSD and SunOS. Avatarize is a CGI paper doll program that can be used to build avatars in response to quiz answers, among other things.
diagnostic.cgi is a small perl script to get some information about your webserver's configuration that can be useful when installing things.

Good Sex For Mutants is a web-based matchmaker script using trinary logic. Both script name and linguistic style are blatantly ripped from SubGenius religious jargon.

Mail-cgi is a perl script to mail you form results. Unlike certain other all-too-popular ones, Mail-cgi is statically configured, so spammers can't hijack it to send junk everywhere. The Oracle is a source of guidance both spiritual and temporal.
Sillycart is a CGI shopping cart designed to combine security and user-friendliness. It features automatic purging of stored confidential information, database-free operation, support for website memberships, and a simple ordering system that works on ALL SSL-enabled web browsers.

Webloops are like webrings, except that they're möbius loops.

Problems: it should have more features than it does, and it hasn't been tested enough for me to consider it stable.

The last change to the Webloops CGI was on October 19th, 2004.


Bincache is a crossplatform multiplexing NNTP proxy.

build-proxy is a set of scripts to set up a semi-transparent mirror when building the OpenWRT firmware for sudomesh.

BSproxy is a simple proxy that lets users of raw-mode telnet clients backspace properly when talking to line-mode only telnet servers (such as, for example, LambdaMOOs).

Last release: 1.0, Oct 14 2007. GPL v2.

In C, tested on Linux and Win32.

ks is a tiny command line app to do what you MEANT to do when you typed ks .k last time.

Released: November 26th, 2010

Written in perl; the docs took longer than the program.

Lluzhionne is a command-line webcam program; I currently use it. In my opinion, it's the most complete of my projects. I like it better than the others because it 1) can upload through SSH and 2) is controllable through a fiendish collection of command-line options.

Last release: 1.3 (Nov 30th, 2006)

In perl, with helper apps in C/assembler. Tested on Linux/i386 and Linux/amd64.

Nematocyst is an active countermeasure for the Spamforo trojan botnet. It impersonates an infested machine.

Last release: 1.1.1 (May 9, 2006)

In perl, requires wget, runs on Linux. There's no reason I know of for it not to run on other unices.

Oomer is a program to kill or freeze processes when your memory use gets low, thus giving you time to free some memory up without having to face the dreaded oomkiller. Obviously, Oomer is Linux-specific.

Last release: 0.1 (March 21st, 2010)

TentacleChat is a splitscreen chat program for DOS-based BBSes which use FOSSIL drivers. TentacleChat can log conversations (including backspaces) and can randomly change the text colours as you type, which is either pretty or eye-hurting depending on your preferences.

It runs on DOS and requires a Fossil driver and a CGA or better monitor.

The last release was in January (I don't remember WHICH January, though.), and consisted of some documentation fixups. The last real change to TentacleChat occurred in 1998.

Vertica Smile is a user-friendly (in the sense that AOL is user-friendly) programming language combining the readability of brainfuck with the crossplatform power of assembler. It supports inline assembler, brainfuck, ook!, and fuckfuck.

Last release: 0.7 (August 27th, 2004)

In perl, tested on Linux.

The Sample backdoored voting machine is two copies of a voting machine program. One of them has a backdoor in it. One does not. Can you tell which one's the backdoored one?

Windows and Linux/i386 binaries.


These are programs that, for one reason or another, aren't finished and aren't likely to be finished unless someone actually requests more work on them.

Bright Noise is a crude console-wrapper intended to make low-quality video surveillance (Cow-orkers glancing at your screen, staticy TEMPEST rigs, crappy monitor-OCR software) less effective. Plus, it either Looks Cool or is Really Annoying, depending on your tastes.

Status: Usable but narbly concept sketch.

The last release was 0.5, on November 22nd, 2002.

Clocktoris is a small clock. For Macs.

Problem: I don't remember if there was anything wrong with it. And I don't have a Mac set up on which to check that.

NewsPoison is a hack of Newswatcher to generate random spamblockers on each post.

It runs on MacOS, on both 680x0 and PPC.

Problem: I don't actually have any Macs set up, so I can't test it very well. Therefore, I have no clue whether it's compatible with recent versions of MacOS (like, say, 8.5).

rpgsched is a calendroid for scheduling (likely net-based) gaming sessions amongst people spread across several timezones.

Problems: Really, who needs to use a GUI to schedule things when they can just email or IM the game-master? Also, adding complex scheduling ('I am not available THIS Tuesday, but will be every OTHER Tuesday, except on the week containing my birthday') would make the interface complicated enough to daunt anyone not utterly determined to use it. Also, it doesn't have any way to make things private.

Last release: 'innumerate', on July 13th, 2004.

The Vortex is a CGI-based webpage generator/editor written some aeons ago, in Pascal.

Problems: It's rather ugly. Wikis do it better. At the moment I have no use for it, so it's down as protection against scamming assholes filling it with viagra ads. (TIP: if you're dumb enough to buy drugs from a spammer, don't be surprised when they ship you haldol instead of the recreational stuff you paid for. Street dealers are more trustworthy than spammers.)

Yeemp is a decentralized encrypted instant messaging program, with console and GUI clients.

Problems: It's not finished yet - it will work, but there are features that should be there that aren't yet. And I found trying to port the GUI client to Windows painfully difficult; a new messaging protocol that only works on *nix is no more useful than one that only worked on Windows would be. Then I wandered off to rewrite the whole thing in C.

It runs on Linux and FreeBSD.

The last release was 0.9.14, on August 20th, 2005. I do hope to have a completed client sometime in this millenium, though.

You can get in touch with Deekoo by following my invocation instructions.

Since you've gotten all the way to the bottom, you may be interested in seeing the abandoned projects in my midden or the eye-hurting ones in my laboratory.

Future projects: I intend to, at some point, resurrect Yeemp from its current grave.